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About us

We transform the energy system fostering the ecological and fair transition

The impact of our greenfield portfolio on the society, the environment and the economy:
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MWs with network access guarantee lodged as of October 7th 2019.
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The replacement of a medium CCGT is assumed for emission and fossil fuel savings calculation (emission factor 0,4; LCV efficiency factor 48,2%, source: IDAE)
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Estimated according the average household consumption (tariff 2, Source: CNMC).
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European NG price index for 2025 from IEA is assumed for fossil fuel imports’ savings calculation (Source: WEO 2017, Sustainable development scenario)

We enhance the creation of employment and regional economic contribution via taxes during the projects.

Estimated employment generation with the ratios for wind and PV presented by IRENA (Leveraging for Onshore Wind and PV, IRENA, 2017)

Estimated collection during construction (ei: ICIO, canon and ITP / AJD) and tax collection during the operation (e.i: IAE, IBICE and urban compensation)

We develop greenfield enewable energy projects that generate employment and local wealth

Capital Energy is the largest independent renewable platform of greenfield projects under study and development in Spain and Portugal.

In 2018 the European Union adopted a renewable penetration target up to a 32% on gross final energy consumption of the gross energy consumption by 2030.

Business lines

Long-term vocation, our value

To compete in this environment, Capital Energy aims to integrate the entire value chain of renewable energy generation.

Our traditional core business and pillar of our current reputation. Capital Energy takes a leading role in the Iberian renewable development through: a clear commitment to technical rigor, local capillarity and close cooperation either with political, social and economic agents and the ability to better anticipate market trends.

Generation and operation

Capital Energy will operate its renewable portfolio in the long-term, maximizing the energy production value through an integrated energy management strategy. The gradual commissioning of its wide and diversified portfolio under development will bring excellent competitive advantages in the market.

Construction services

Capital Energy will ensure the direct management during the construction period through innovative agreements with tier-1 EPC’s and construction companies so as to capture the whole value of its renewable assets.

And Electricity Retail

We aim at taking advantage of the growing dynamism of the retail electricity market to boost competitiveness on the consumer's benefit.

Our projects

We have a competitive and highly diversified renewable portfolio

in the best locations of the Iberian Peninsula:

Northeast Area

2.005 MW wind

652 MW PV

Center Area

1.445 MW wind

290 MW PV

Northwest Area

1.159 MW wind

100 MW PV


97 MW PV

South Area

1.262 MW wind

1.883 MW PV

in the best locations of the Iberian Peninsula:

Northwest area: 

Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, León, Zamora, Palencia. 2.657 MW (2.005 MW wind and 652 MW PV)

Northeast area: 

País Vasco, La Rioja, Navarra, Aragón y Cataluña. 1.259 MW (1.159 MW wind and 100 MW PV)

Center area: 

Madrid, Valladolid, Burgos, Soria, Segovia, Ávila y Guadalajara. 
1.648 MW (1.455 MW wind and 290 MW PV)

South area: 

Castilla La Mancha, Comunidad Valenciana, Murcia, Extremadura, Andalucía y Canarias. 3.145 MW (1.262 MW wind and 1.883 MW PV)


97 MW wind

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In February of 2019, in accordance with the new regulation from the European Union on the Governance of the Energy Union and the Climate Action, the Spanish Government sent to the European Commission its National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, which shows an even greater degree of ambition.
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Renewable Target on gross final energy consumption:


(vs 32% at European Union level)
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Renewable Target on power generation:


(vs 40% in 2018)
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Wind installed capacity:


(vs. c.23.5 GW in 2018)
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PV installed capacity:


(vs. c. 4.8 GW in 2018)

Currently, both the political and technological momentum converge in the European Union and Spain, which has led wind and PV technologies to be, in many cases, competitive against conventional generation technologies, with average costs below current and forecast market prices.

This reality implies a paradigm shift in the renewable generation sector that will lead to the coexistence of different business models (i.e. merchant; PPAs; auctions; green certificates) in a highly competitive environment.

The liberalization and unbundling of the electricity retail activity and the increase of competitiveness impacting in a reduction of final costs to consumers, are central pillars of the European Internal Energy Market regulation. In Spain, this process is lagging behind, but the number of retail agents and switching rates are moving along favourably.

Capital Energy will exploit the financial and operational advantages that a wide, competitive and diversified renewable energy portfolio provides to both electricity market representation and retail businesses, to break into these segments and thus optimize the energy management and cover market risks.

Capital Energy will offer a simple, reliable and competitive renewable energy supply service to its end customers.