Green hydrogen

The key to decarbonising the energy system

We back production of green hydrogen from renewable energy to help industry, mobility and city decarbonisation.

How can it transform the sector?

Energy system decarbonisation

Using green hydrogen contributes to decarbonising the energy system, which is currently based on fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas.

Sustainable mobility

We back sustainable mobility based on green hydrogen, with a particular focus on heavy and long distance, rail, sea and air transport.

Big industry uses

Green hydrogen can be used as a raw material in synthesising other industrial products, as a substitute for grey hydrogen from natural gas, which produces significant CO2 emissions, and also as a clean industrial fuel.

Domestic and commercial use

Green hydrogen can help to decarbonise heat consumption at domestic and commercial level, with a particular focus on cities.

Regional, national and European R+D Projects

We support and promote research and development projects on the hydrogen value chain by collaborating with universities, research and technology centres and businesses.

Sectoral Agenda for the Hydrogen Industry

We are patrons of the “Sectoral Agenda for the Hydrogen Industry” which is being drawn up by the Spanish Hydrogen Association. It is a strategic document that is aimed at promoting the industrial roll-out and development of hydrogen in Spain, and is supported by the Ministry for Industry, Trade and Tourism.

Hydrogen Europe