The first 100% renewable vertically integrated electricity firm on the Iberian Peninsula

We are transforming the energy sector

Capital Energy is a Spanish Company that came into being almost 20 years ago. Initially it was a wind and solar energy developer.


Recently, because of the launch of our retailing arm, we have reached our strategic aim of being present along the entire renewable energy generation value chain. The goal is to take the 100% renewable energy that we produce in our own wind and solar installations in Spain and Portugal to the end consumer.

The values that define us


We are continuously evolving as an organisation, with technology being our differential leverage. This enables us to maintain and drive Capital Energy DNA, adapting to changes in our surroundings and optimising our way of working to meet in-house and market needs.


We carry out our operations responsibly, creating a positive impact from the social, environmental and economic points of view, and with the long-term vision of constructing a sustainable future.


We are continuously providing new solutions and ways of working that translate into outstanding improvements for our stakeholders.


We face the changes the market presents to us to adapt internally and externally in a proactive, confident way, without lowering our differential value, and always seeking to keep our competitive advantage in a responsible manner.


We are emotionally and professionally tied to Capital Energy, its purpose, challenges and objectives, which has the knock-on effect of the satisfaction, involvement and pride of belonging to the Company.

Our QEHS Integrated Management System


16 offices on the Iberian Peninsula

We have a presence in Spain and Portugal, with 16 offices from where we drive wind and solar energy projects forward.

With our presence in more than 1,000 municipal districts, via our wind and solar projects, we want to give differential value along the entire value chain, promoting the creation of local jobs, talent development and innovation.