Part of our DNA

We want to contribute to the creation of a new energy model, focusing on environmental protection and on economic and social momentum in the environments in which we operate.


Our streamlined, digital, innovative nature means we can develop our business model in a way that respects our environment, via active, constant collaboration with our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Policy

We are committed to integrating sustainability into all business and corporate areas and at all levels of the organisation.

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Sustainable and digital ambition

In our vision of the future, we see sustainability and digitalisation as indivisibly intertwined. 


We firmly believe that this approach will allow us to generate synergies for the creation of a new energy model, focused on maximising value creation, environmental protection and the socio-economic improvement of the communities where we operate, based on an innovative approach aligned with the 2030 Agenda.

Our 2021-2025 Sustainability Strategy aims to support the enterprise in addressing the challenge of meeting its business objectives and responding to the expectations of its stakeholders in connection with the management of environmental, social and governance aspects. 


This strategy has four strategic pillars and three driving forces, which present different opportunities for intervention that will be materialised in actions and initiatives with specific objectives, performance indicators and responsible directions. 

Three driving forces

Innovation and digitalisation

We ensure that innovation and digitalisation are enablers of efficiency, development and the differentiation of our value proposition.

Sustainable financing

We leverage the enterprise’s green credentials to address the investment plan through ESG financing and debt.

ESG culture and positioning

We nurture and build an ESG culture, in keeping with the enterprise's purpose, values and vision, and we promote the recognition of Capital Energy for its sustainable performance.

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