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Capital Energy unveils a strategic alliance with Google Cloud to drive the digitalisation of its 100%-renewable project

By: Capital Energy · 08 Apr 2022

Google and Capital Energy share an ambitious vision on sustainability, so this partnership will strengthen the energy company's goals 

  • The two companies will join forces to carry out innovation work over the next five years with the aim of fast-tracking the achievement of Capital Energy's strategic goals in connection with digitalisation and sustainability
  • Among other actions, the partnership between Google Cloud and Capital Energy will focus on finding new digital ways to address the problems affecting the renewable energy company's core business, as well as on rolling out initiatives that underpin its sustainable development
  • The two companies are working on implementing state-of-the-art data capture and processing solutions and on further developing Capital Energy's in-house culture in this sphere

Capital Energy, a Spanish company aiming to become the first vertically integrated, 100%-renewable energy operator in the Iberian Peninsula, has teamed up with Google Cloud in a strategic alliance whose main goal is to boost the digitalisation of the energy company's project, within the framework of both companies' commitment to sustainability.

The agreement involves joint innovation and investment for an initial period of five years, with the aim of fast-tracking the achievement of Capital Energy's ambitious strategic goals in connection with digitalisation and sustainability.

The implementation of these initiatives will contribute to the sustainable development of Capital Energy's 100%-renewable project, which is strategically focused on displacing polluting energies through the development of renewable energies, fostering energy efficiency, reducing emissions and protecting biodiversity, all under the key premise of contributing to the socio-demographic and economic development of the territories where it operates.

The collaboration with Google Cloud will immediately generate a positive impact on Capital Energy's environmental management by reducing its carbon footprint, thanks to the support for its business processes in the most sustainable cloud, with zero emissions. Furthermore, it will help attain the goal of a net zero future in terms of both the development of infrastructure and the subsequent management thereof.

In addition, Capital Energy’s management of industrial processes through Google Cloud will increase information security and transparency and enable it to better respond to cybersecurity-related risks.

Note also that Google Cloud has specific digital training programmes that are closely aligned with Capital Energy's own vision, which, through this collaboration, will enhance training in the operating areas, helping occupational integration and reducing the digital divide.

Solutions focused on data capture and processing

Capital Energy is already building solutions focused on capturing and processing all types of data that can enhance the implementation of its business plan, as well as strengthening in-house training in this regard in order to optimise the way data is analysed and leveraged.

In this respect, Capital Energy has already set up a digital data platform on Google Cloud, which will afford a centralised and democratised view of information, expedite decision-making and maximise the value generated by the renewable energy company's industrial assets.

This platform will compile information from hundreds of thousands of sensors installed at its wind and photovoltaic facilities, as well as other industrial assets, and from additional sources to enrich the available information. Thanks to the capabilities afforded by the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, this will enable Capital Energy to extend the life of its assets, cut operating costs and maximise the revenue from the operation of its industrial assets by applying AI to its energy management processes.

Moreover, this strategic alliance is already helping in the rollout of a 100% digital culture at Capital Energy. For the renewable energy company, digitalisation is about people, which is why it is focused on maximising the skills of its professionals in this area. In this regard, various programmes are planned to provide training (upskilling and reskilling), boost awareness and communication, and instil the behaviours, methodologies and ways of working in place at cutting-edge companies which are associated with the innovation and digital business sectors.

Isaac Hernández, country manager for Google Cloud Iberia, noted that, “It is always exciting to see organisations leverage cloud technologies and capabilities to manage business, sustainability and digital transformation initiatives. At Google Cloud we are thrilled to have entered a strategic partnership with Capital Energy to support them in this next phase of their digital and sustainability transformation, both in-house and externally."

Víctor Gimeno Granda, director of Digitalisation and Sustainability at Capital Energy, highlighted that, "This alliance perfectly embodies Capital Energy's purpose and vision, as well as the kind of partners we want. In our vision as a company, we are focused on becoming a benchmark in digitalisation in the industry and on the operational excellence of the areas, with the goal of having a positive impact on society as a whole in all spheres of ESG. Google Cloud’s vision is very closely matched with our own, making it the ideal travel companion for us."

About Capital Energy

In keeping with its commitment to the Green and Fair Energy Transition, Capital Energy currently has a portfolio of wind and solar energy projects on the Iberian Peninsula exceeding 30 gigawatts (GW) of power, for which over 8 GW already have grid access licences granted.

Capital Energy reached its strategic goal of being present throughout the entire renewable energy generation value chain: from promotion, where the company has a consolidated position thanks to its nearly 20-year history, through to construction, production, storage, operation and supply. The company has 16 offices in Spain and Portugal, where around 360 employees work.