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Capital Energy defies the crisis: it will invest €10 billion in renewables in Spain and revamp its board

By: Capital Energy · 03 Jun 2020

  • The Company has revamped its Board of Directors with the inclusion of Roberto de Diego Arozamena, as Non-Executive Chairperson, and Francisco Clemente, as Director General of Corporate. Laura Muries and Covadonga Soto also join, as Independent Directors, and Paula Martínez and Spring Breeze S.L., as Proprietary Directors.
  • Capital Energy now has around 30 GW of wind and photovoltaic projects, in the pipeline and/or in development, on the Iberian Peninsula, the result of a decided commitment to make a decisive contribution to the environmentally friendly and fair transition of Spain’s economy and society since 2002.
  • The Company has a presence in more than 1,000 municipal districts with its wind and photovoltaic energy projects and aims to conciliate decarbonisation with giving impetus to the rural environment where the energy is produced by creating employment and local wealth.

Capital Energy, a Spanish 100%-renewable energy Company, plans to make an accumulated investment of more than €10 billion over the next 5 years. The Company’s strategy is to evolve from its leading position developing renewable energy projects on the Iberian market to integration into the entire renewable energy value chain.

With around 30 GW of wind and photovoltaic energy projects in the pipeline and/or in development, Capital Energy's aim is to manage the construction and operation of its portfolio of renewable assets that are currently in development, include new energy storage assets and take the 100%-renewable energy on its portfolio directly to the end consumer, positioning itself in the medium term as a trusted, digital, sustainable retail supplier. All of this consolidates the corporate culture of a Company that has gone from 30 to more than 200 employees in just two years and ensures greater efficiency in the business model transformation process in which the Company is immersed.

To carry out this ambitious business plan to 2025, Capital Energy has reorganised and strengthened its senior management by bringing in a new Board of Directors, headed by Roberto de Diego Arozamena as the Company's new Non-Executive Chairperson. Furthermore, Francisco Clemente has joined as the new Director General of Corporate and Laura Muries and Covadonga Soto have joined as Independent Directors, and Paula Martínez and Spring Breeze S.L. as Proprietary Directors. Jesús Martín Buezas remains as the Company's first executive, holding the post of Executive Vice-Chairperson and, coming directly above him, Juan José Sánchez, who stays on as CEO of business areas, and Francisco Clemente, as new Director General of Corporate.