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Capital Energy adheres to the United Nations Global Pact

By: Capital Energy · 27 Nov 2020

  • The Company is committed to bringing all its operations into line with the principles of the United Nations Global Pact, contributing, at the same time, to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Madrid, 27th November 2020. Capital Energy, a Spanish energy company founded in 2002 with the vocation of becoming the first vertically-integrated 100%-renewable energy operator on the Iberian Peninsula, has, via the Spanish Network, adhered to the United Nations Global Pact, within the framework of its strategy to actively contribute to eco-friendly, fair energy transition and create value in the long term, taking corporate sustainability, in the widest sense, into account.

With this agreement, Capital Energy commits to bringing all its operations into line with the Ten Universal Principles defined by the United Nations in relation to conduct and action in the fields of human rights and business, employment regulations, the environment and the fight against corruption and, in this way, stimulate achievement of the organisation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“At Capital Energy we are very proud to become a part of the Spanish Network of the Global Pact, which backs up our commitment to sustainable development, which has always been part of our Company’s DNA,” comments Victor Gimeno Granda, Chief Digital & Sustainability Officer at the Company. “We are sure that the huge platform for collaboration that is the Network will enable us to ensure that our programmes are in line with best practices, and contribute to achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda.”

The United Nations Global Pact operates in Spain via the Spanish Network, which currently has more than 1,590 bodies that have adhered to the corporate social responsibility initiative, making it the local network with the largest number of signatories. Out of these, 22% are large companies, 62% are SMEs and the remainder are tertiary bodies, such as unions, business associations and educational institutions. Its aim is to foster implementation of the Ten Principles of the Global Pact amongst the signatories and create awareness in the private sector so that it contributes to driving the UN’s goals.

About the United Nations Global Pact

The United Nations Global Pact is a joint initiative that seeks to transform the business sector worldwide. Its goal is to bolster a sustainable, responsible private sector, encouraging businesses and organisations to bring their strategies into line with the Ten Universal Principles, which refer to human rights, the environment, the fight against corruption, and employment. They are also encouraged to act in such a way that drives achievement of the social goals and implementing the SDGs.

By involving thousands of businesses of all sizes and sectors worldwide, the Global Pact has created a truly global movement of responsible companies that build sustainability into their strategies and main operations, for society’s benefit as well as their own.

Since its start up in 2000, it has managed to get more than 12,500 bodies in 161 countries to back its purpose. It provides a framework based on principles, best practices, resources and networking events that have revolutionised the way in which companies do business responsibly and maintain their commitment to society.